Help fight hate and stop bigotry. Take action on your campus now. 


The achievements of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s would not have been possible without the hard work and passion of students.

College students risked their lives to challenge segregated lunch counters in the Carolinas and elsewhere. They endured vicious attacks in Alabama as they rode buses into the Deep South as part of the Freedom Rides. In Selma, young schoolchildren marched in the streets to seek voting rights, knowing they would be jailed. In Birmingham, students braved fire hoses and police dogs in the pursuit of equal rights.

Today, young people are taking a stand again.

They’re challenging racism and sexism on college campuses. They’re speaking out against sexual assault. And they’re confronting policies that advantage some at the expense of others.

Each effort builds on our nation’s legacy of student activism. And each effort is desperately needed as our nation experiences an alarming attack on the civil and human rights gains of the last 50 years. Restrictive voting laws, legal challenges to affirmative action policies, and more threaten to turn back the clock.

Students, however, can make a difference.

The Southern Poverty Law Center stands ready to work with today’s college students to secure equal justice and opportunity for all. Together we can ensure that the sacrifices made in the name of justice and equality were not in vain.  


Take Action on Your Campus

How you can start an SPLC on Campus club at your college or university.