This is our companion guide to our 'First we Register, Then we Vote' voter registration kit, request a kit here.


Look Up State Specific Rules

First things first, find out your state's rules for voter registration. Some things to consider: registration deadlines, voter ID requirements, ability to register online, whether training is required to register voters, how to submit registration forms, and whether students have the option to vote from their home or school address.  Check out this state guide.

•   Find a group of interested students and get started planning your drive.

•   Advertise across campus and on social media, making use of the posters in this kit. 

•   Let your school newspaper know about your registration event so they can spread the word. 

•   Post on social media before, during, & after your drive using #FirstweRegisterThenweVote

•   Hold the drive in a populated area of campus at a time when students have time to talk.

•   Rock your ‘First we Register, Then we Vote’ shirts at your drive.

•   Engage proactively with the community using the stickers and buttons provided.  

•   Ask if people are registered to vote:

If YES, have them fill out a postcard so we can send them a reminder to vote.

If NO, have them fill out a registration form and a postcard noting that they were registered today. 

Be sure to check state requirements for how, when, and where registration forms must be returned.

Two weeks prior to the election we will contact everyone you registered. But you can reach out as well or hold an event on campus reminding people to vote.

Other Considerations

Please send us your completed postcards in the pre-paid envelope included in your kit.
This way, we can follow up with the voters you registered, reminding them to vote. 

All of your voter registration efforts must remain non-partisan and you may not endorse
any candidates.