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Registered SPLC on Campus clubs will receive free resources and support from SPLC staff.  Clubs that register receive invitations to attend special SPLC on Campus events, and it's also a great way to connect with clubs all across the country. At this time, only groups on college/university campuses can be recognized and registered as SPLC on Campus clubs.

Obtaining Campus Recognition

Although SPLC on Campus Clubs are not required to be officially recognized by  campus administration, you might miss out on some benefits simply because you’re not an “official” club.  Things like meeting space, funding, access to students, and other benefits make it worth the effort to try.  

Add your campus to the growing network of emerging college student activists.  Register today!

Managing Your SPLC Club
Throughout the year we will be posting new resources and suggested activities at to help sustain your work.

Successful clubs should have at least five members and planned activities for the entire semester. That does not necessarily mean you need to take action or hold an event week after week, but long gaps between activities can cause members to lose interest.

Always remember that your members are balancing classes, social lives, and other clubs — you do not want to burn people out early in the semester.

And most of all, remember to have fun!



You *must* read the SPLC Club Guidelines and agree to them below in order to register.

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