SPLC on Campus Announces Fall Webinar Series

SPLC on Campus is offering a series of webinars that are designed to aid in starting and maintaining a successful club, teach you about the Alt-Right, and offer tips for engaging in nonviolent protest on campus and conducting voter registration.

Here’s the schedule:

Wednesday, September 6 (1pm CT): The Alt-Right on Campus – using our newest guide to the Alt-Right, this webinar will detail the lead figures in the alt-right movement, as well as how to respond to this movement. EDIT: This archived webinar is available by registering here.

Friday, September 8 (1pm CT): Starting an SPLC on Campus Club – this webinar will focus on how to become an official club, how to recruit members, and how to become an effective force for change on campus. EDIT: This archived webinar is available by registering here.

Wednesday, September 20 (1pm CT): Voter Registration – this webinar will offer tips on conducting voter registration on campus and in your community.

This schedule will be updated with any changes and links for registration.

Join us!