How to Host an Election Party

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Voter registration applications have long been processed, you’ve made it to the polls and back, and now it’s time to Election Party! You’ve worked hard this election season to register voters and get out the vote—now it’s time to celebrate with the volunteers and new voters that made it happen.

Hosting an election party can be a great way to engage a wide range of students and help them to build positive correlations between elections, democracy and community. Student volunteers who have been active throughout election season will embrace the opportunity to celebrate their efforts, and your election party can cast a wider net to help reach students you’ve yet to engage.

By now, you are likely aware of the different organizations on campus who’ve participated in voter registration and GOTV efforts. Use your Election Party as a way to bring groups together, reach out to other groups about co-hosting opportunities and find out if departments on campus like Student Life would be interested in sponsoring the event. Pick a venue large enough for your anticipated crowd, preferably with multiple TVs to keep an eye on different local and national races.

Keep it non-partisan and celebratory. Be sure to carve out time during the event to thank volunteers across campus.

Offer both social and educational activities to keep people engaged throughout the night. Ideally, your Election Party will be an opportunity for students to meet new people, learn more about engaging in democracy, and to celebrate their efforts.

Activity Ideas:

  • Photo booth with giant props like “I Voted” stickers—tag attendees on social media and use our hashtag, #FirstWeRegisterThenWeVote

  • Unpack the different issues that were on the ballot—what will the impact of a Yes or No vote be on ballot initiatives or amendments. Focus on issues that affect student populations

  • Create a short video or slideshow of students saying why they vote, check out our video as an example

  • Host a raffle with prizes donated from local businesses, give students tickets for things like attending, wearing an “I Voted” sticker, or for hosting their own activity

  • Play bingo or another trivia game with information about voting and the elections

  • Hang up a giant “Why I Voted” poster and have students write their reasons around the poster.

Use our Social Media images to help promote your event and be sure to share your event with us so we can help promote it.

Comment below with your Election Party ideas! We can’t wait to see how they turn out.