Apathy is not an Option

By Connor Brantley 

Before we go to the polls this fall, it’s important to remember why it is so essential that we vote. We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history, and the best way to ensure a bright future for our citizens is by voting and picking leaders who most closely reflect our values. Having witnessed the consequences of collective apathy in the 2016 election, young people, now more than ever, should recognize the significance of hitting the ballot boxes this fall.

Far too often candidates rely on low young voter turnout to get elected. What this means is that their platform and campaign efforts neglect the views and opinions of younger generations, and politicians gear their campaign promises towards those who statistically are more likely to vote. We can change that. People between the ages of 18-25 make up the largest percentage of the electorate. We have the power to shape this nation for the better, and it is as simple as voting.  

It is equally as important for you to vote as it is for you to encourage those around you to vote as well. The more college students vote, the more our government policies will reflect the values and beliefs of this generation. The shaping of our nation is a group effort, and it is essential that all college students play their part in securing a more promising tomorrow.

You can begin this effort by visiting our new website to learn more about how you can work with SPLC on Campus to get your fellow classmates registered to vote at your school this November. We’re very excited to be launching this new effort and hope you will join us.